"guys, the ppl there are too peaceful to do anything harmful, even in riots" - this is what I used to tell my friends whenever they talk 'bout those clashes between the Yellow and Red force in Bangkok

Still think so

I passed by the Burger King in the airport yesterday afternoon, it looked the same after 2 years. I was there, in 2008, asked for a burger when there was just less than 5 minutes left to board the plane. "It should be OK" - I thought. Then... the staff put the burger in the microwave and set the timer to - WTF - 10 mins (!)

I went to the train station, headed to the coin-exchange booth to... ask for the direction to the hotel. The staffs didn't know where it is so they made several phone calls to ask around while still serving countless number of people. Customer service at its best.

I saw this young couple in which the gal looks as much peaceful as an angel, on the train.

We went to a bar, Korean can really f-cking drink. We ended up a lil bit high, then the Thai guy took us to another one. F-cking down.

Bought some burger in 7/11, felt hard to choose the vegetable since don't know what's the favorite one. It's sux when you somehow care

Last week or so, my bro sent me the photo of Tibo wearing the clothes I bought for him... something like 1 year ago on the gateway connected NBK with the station. So, I was there yesterday, tried to look for the guy last time. He was soft, smiling and in front of him were those cute children clothes. He didn't last as long as the Burger King though, didn't see him around

btw, this is a kool website that you should checkout, I like it