Why ?

  • I read some FB note 'bout how living in Saigon is becoming worse (with all those traffic jams, "bunkers"). They got their point

  • I just want to share some thoughts, why I somehow like the stuffs here. It's all 'bout perspectives : )

  • I believe you also have interesting and nice stuffs to write 'bout Saigon

What ?

  • iLuvSaigon.com is a website where you can post a short answer to some random funny question 'bout Saigon. ┬áRight now there are 3 questions : what do you like/what do you miss/what do you dislike 'bout Saigon (more to come, send me your suggestion as well)

  • it was inspired by these 2 websites : 1 & 2

  • what you can do with the answers you like ?

  • Share it on Facebook

  • Like it

  • Comment on it

  • Feel good 'bout Saigon : )

  • the answer will get 1 heart for every 10 likes it receives, just a visual way to tell you that people love your sharing, and you yourself love it : )

So ?

  • Try it, share ur stories. It's great to read funny and kute things 'bout Saigon, but I believe you all have your own things to share with us. Looking forward to it

  • Feedback - please send me urs (features, ideas, logo design ... all are appreciated)