I'm in some random coffee shop on Dong Khoi street. It's cozy (those Starbuck style) and the drink is OK. I got the 2nd Tiger Draught.

It's raining outside and they're playing some very old music. The last song was My Valentine, and I just missed you so much

I planned to go to Vung Tau but then felt so bored. And then, just suddenly, waved some cab, went to the ferry terminal but there was no more ticket. It's sux, no ? I just sat there, felt the wind. It was such a windy day and my 333 felt so good. I looked at people passing by, there was this very old guy just staring at his city map for a while. I didn't know what he was trying to find then. If it was me, I just made us lost and then asked here and there to find a way. U will complain but then follow me ard, rite ? : )

I went ard Sai Gon (Sai Gon is the city and also the name of this area) and took some photo. It was raining a bit. U will bring some umbrella for me ? I hope so, but if that's the case, I will just tell you to stop using it and get us wet. I like it. I like seeing you wet as well.

And here I am, in this coffee shop. I thought 'bout all the kool but stupid moments I've been through. Frankly, I was there, with so many ppl, friends, buddies, girls-like-me-but-I-don't-like-them, girls-I-like-but-don't-like-me , and I just wish that I were there, with you, the one who understand me and cope with all my stupidity, childish stuffs

So that I can tell you that they're playing "Beautiful" (Bosson) right now, and I miss the time when I was drunk in 107, went to the restroom, and they played this song while I was taking a p-e, I found the song so nice... esp. when I was really high. And I just want to hold u, tight

Or to tell you that when I tried the bungee jumping, I felt so sux. I wish you were there so that I would feel a lil bit kool to do that in front of you : )

Or to tell you I'm fucking blur now. I like to do many things, I'm good at some and I don't know which one I like most. It's sh*t. You may not understand but you will just listen and ask me "how things are going ?", and just hold me. It does help, u know. It does f-cking help.

I usually need to think if the one I'm being with really like what I'm doing, either in work or outside. And I just wish to be with you, whom I will change to make u smile but also whom who will accept me for who I am. U will, rite ?

And the last thing, please keep SMS me to tell me "get back home, it's too late" whenever I hang out with my friends. I won't go back immediately (it's a guy thing), but I will tell my friend "sh*t, see, my girl asks for me, let's finish this and call it a day man..". then I will left, bought some supper for u, and hold u to make up for me being naughty. U will be angry for 5 seconds and then smile, will ya

Miss you

(don't know who it is though)

from an empty and  lonely me