is probably tough

This is what I keep telling me

- Do not feel like you want to do something just because people say it's kool

People who currently in the corporate will say that having your own business is too much troublesome, and just sux

People who do their own business will say corporate jobs are too comfortable, and just sux

After all, it's just about perception

- It's good to have a dream but it's also OK to not think 'bout your dream

- Know more can lead to do less (because you forsee so many obstacles)

- People will just adapt to the environment that they're in

- It's easy to feel pissed off by someone who talk cock, it's kool to get the good stuffs out of them

- We all have a choice. And we all need to make our choices, then f-cking live with it

Bottom line (for me): get balance, do the stuffs that allow you to do what you like the most (easier said than done : ) )