I always have this dilemma: I happen to know several close friends who got a not-so-happy family, hence I feel hard to just sometimes tell people 'bout my family thing. It's not that serious, just some generation gap which many people will just accept it the way it is. Except for me, I just need something a little bit more.

It's never comfortable to do thing that people just don't understand. I'm switching from IT to sales/marketing and besides some friends/colleagues, my family doesn't really understand it.

"You'd better think carefully and shouldn't slack off" - my bro told me, and that's what made me "...".

I like to write sh*t on my FB, but I also put some hints 'bout how serious I am in those work stuffs. Some of my friends got the idea but not the ones that close to me.

Again, it's actually nothing compared to those friends who don't have something simple as a full family. "I just wish to have 1 more people in my birthday" - I read this not from movies/stories but my friend, last time. And many other things.

I told someone: to take photo of your parents is the easiest way of loving them. To really share with them your stuffs is the hard one. And I seem to fail with the hard one, except when I sent mom the link to my blog

There were some quarrels and I didn't come home to attend my dad's 60th birthday last time. We were both stubborn.

And yet, with those "dad having mistress" or "divorce" that I listened, I feel hard to really complain 'bout mine 'cause I know how much precious my family is

We had dinner together. I watched this cute anime Ponyo, then watched a Christmas show with mom and dad just now. Mom was so happy. Bro broadcasted Tibo opening his Christmas gifts via Skype.

I felt lighter and - since it's Christmas - just want to write this down