I really love Da Nang but I never really understand what my Da Nang friends feel when their hometown was hit by a flood/hurricane. We don't have it in Saigon

I even wanted to go there and watch the scene, live

I think I know their feeling now

Nguyen Bach: khong lien lac duoc

Nguyen Bach: chua lien lac duoc voi truong tibo nua

Nguyen Bach: 3 lan lon, khong biet con nua khong

Nguyen Bach: dang o tang 21

Nguyen Bach: khong phai noi choi neu co chuyen gi Bum rang lo cho ba ma hen, tibo nua

The situation is OK now, but it's the 1st time I feel so much responsibility in my life - when bro asks me to take care of Tibo just in case