It's a mixed trip

The nice thing : the ride, which is my usual joy. I rode all the way from Vung Tau to Ba Ria in a windy noon to eat "Banh canh Long Huong"

The funny thing : the drink. There is this guy who dare me to drink with him so if I lost, I will need to stop "sỉ nhục" the girl he likes (she's my schoolmate and we're kinda like cat and dog anyway). Somehow I find it nice

The f-cking thing : the b*tch

I had to watch this btch sat with another guy just because she had some "cold war" with her bf. And I need to observe this btch doing this for the whole trip just to show off with her bf. And then I need to observe all the people just try to fix things for them just because they were going to marry. And finally, I need to observe people clapping their hand and say congratz when this b*tch said something along the line of "OK, I forgive him this time.."