I enjoyed riding a motorbike along the beach and stopped at some random quiet bar to get some drink

But I might not enjoy it that much if that short trip is not in between the so-called working trip

We had a company trip and the 1st day was for those corporate-stuffs. The day after that is for relax, I had some fun with my colleagues at the beach, took some crazy photo at the swimming pool... and on the way to my own beach, in my own way, on my (just rent in the morning) motorbike.

It was just a 2-hours ride and I was peacefully lonely. I sat at the bar, looked at the sea, feel the wind and drank the usual 333. The bar was quiet and got some light music.

I missed being w/ my closed ones, I want to share with them this wonderful moments, I'd love to explain to my colleagues the joy of riding motorbike at noon (or just riding instead of taking a cab) - 1 thing that those so-called "dân văn phòng" will (almost) never get it

Then.. I rode back to the resort, join the company on the flight back to SG

I enjoy this kind of mix pretty much. Being able to join the crowd, and still craving for the "?" factor in this damn boring world, on my own

I enjoy riding at some unknown place

I enjoy stopping at those small shops just to buy some drink, to take a look at some ordinary houses or to talk with the locals

I enjoy getting my bike spoil, to deal with some uncertainty

I enjoy balance

FML ( so many contrast)