I sat at the airport in the morning, drafted some Excel sheet and composed a mail in Outlook. These Microsoft software are now at version 2010. And we used to have Office 97, last time.

There was no free WiFi around, so I installed TetherMe on my phone. It helps the laptop to connect to the Internet via its 3G connection. Come to think 'bout it, we were really excited when upgrading from the ancient and bulky 33.6kbps Rockwell modem to a shining new (but still bulky) 56kbps modem (and at that time, we still need to choose between 2 different standards until V90 came out). Now, look at the mainboard, I'd probably not be able to recognize that integrated modem anymore (too small)

And not forget those countless night that I stay up late - after 12PM - to get the discount Internet rate (something like 100 VNĐ/minute) and download those MP3 from FTP servers with the speed of 10-20 kb/s. Now, 130K VNĐ can give you 2GB/month for 3G connection and Rapidshare, Torrent basically had all the content

I click the "Send" button, the email was gone. I SMS-ed my colleague to inform her. Last time, in highschool, we communicate w/ friends merely by... talking (except the time when I asked my friends to help me deliver some paper-note to my gf). Now, ppl SMS-all-the-time, even those highschool kids

Talking 'bout the software I installed on my phone, it was downloaded from the Internet and directly installed on my phone. This looks trivial but mind you, last time, it was considered lucky to be able to find the program you need in the catalogue at the IT shop. Then you need to bring your floppy disks there, hand it to them and wait for 1-2 hours to get it back. And if there was sone corrupted disk, you need to go there again : ) It was it.

Now I'm on the airplane, listening to some music (with "airplane mode" turned on of course) and I can choose any song I like. I still remember when I used to have some old casette player, and I listened to the very few tapes I have until I remember all the details, which song coming next after the current song. Now I can't do that.

Basically, we've gone through quite a lot (in IT). And somehow, with all these laptop, email, Internet, ppl might forget that they can actually just sit there, look at the airplane, look at others, feel the wind, think nothing, do nothing and enjoy their peaceful morning at the airport : ) It's just a 45 minutes wait.