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When going to somewhere alone, u can fully enjoy the moments you have, feel it to the very last taste, do sth silly that u can not do in your normal life.. Or just throw yourself to somewhere unknown & get lost & try to find a way back. That's such a special precious feeling & experience :-) It teaches u many things. Of course it's always good if you have a buddy who also looks for the same things in the trip^^
and feel really nice, especially when it was written by someone who is working in corporate

This afternoon, in the lift, I heard the following conversation

Ms A: my boss, she took leave 1 month a year to travel

Ms B: oops

Ms A: 1 month a year, for every year

Ms B: oops

Ms A: for 10 years that I was working with her, she did it

Ms B: oops

I know it's a stereotype but it's something that always bugged me 'bout those working in corporate

I fully understand that each to his own. But somehow, I feel something missing whenever I heard those kinds of talk

And I hate to think that there might be some days when I will no longer be able to enjoy these