Doing my routine for every-Sat-morning - coffee at Hi-End

There were some moments when I concentrated on my phone for some crappy stuffs (e.g. Facebook/Reddit) and some really nice song brought me back to being a sleepy guy, lazily sitting at a coffee shop with the air-con, a coffee and music. Feel like I'm being floating away

Sometimes I really think that we should get some minor (physical) accidents in our life (read: đụng xe trầy cái móng chân). It helps us to treasure all those simple and stupid aspects of life. And more importantly, it might help us to avoid that major accident by being more careful

I was riding on the street last nite and really enjoyed it. It's the feeling when you throw yourself into some uncertain situation, you feel reckless, thrilled but also a bit worried. But you know you are more lucky than others who got in this, since you have an option to get out. There is a raincoat for you to wear, there is a bike for you to ride and there is a place for you to go back to.

Just like all my stupid wandering trip when I go here and there looking for being lost, knowing that I still be back somehow

There is a subtle difference between those who never go to a bar, those occasionally go there and those usually go there. For me, I still like to stand on that line, sometimes cross it and feel that this world is so huge, people are so crowd and they got so many feelings, then cross back to mine

There is this saying : ‎"It’s more fun to be a pirate than to join the navy". I like it and at the same time realize that it's not sustainable being a pirate : )

I always miss being young, though

We skipped a light fandango, Turned cartwheels 'cross the floor. I was feeling kind of seasick, But the crowd called out for more. The room was humming harder, As the ceiling flew away. When we called out for another drink, The waiter brought a tray.
last night I had a good talk with friend at some foodcourt and they started to turn off their light. This is the song for that moment, if I could choose one : )