There was this car accident that left 4 dead at Nguyen Huu Canh street. It was brutal but we got used to it. So for me, it was nothing but a topic for lunch discussion until my friend told me that those 4 were grandparent, aunt and 2 nieces of some dear ex-colleague

Another ex-colleague whom I really cared for went to Europe for vacation, it's a 1 month trip and her father passed away in some traffic accident on day 15th or so of her trip

Last time, I was in Singapore and got a catch-up with some friend over the phone. He told me that his wife got pregnant but the doctor diagnosed something a lil bit wrong. Just now, I recalled it and asked him how thing is going. "Aborted" - he told me

My relative (actually he's the brother of my grand parent) just passed away

Some highschool friend was diagnosed with cancer and it's very unlikely to be curable

Just read some case where a friend was gonna get married and his dad was hit in an accident while delivering the wedding invitation

Life around me seems a bit funny lately

last time, my bike was nothing but a vehicle to me

but after been through this and with all the uncertainties on the road recently.. sometimes, just speeding up my bike and feel that it's still stable is something really really nice and peaceful already