I wrote this last year, in an email and just feel like to post here now

Sometimes, when I wander on the road, I thought 'bout this : ppl don't like what they have.

I like green. I like riding on the rural streets. And I think some ppl living there just want to move to the city

I like drinking on the street, listen to "sen" music from those keo keo guys. But they sure don't like it. Same as those waitress who got tease by the drunk guys everyday, and those ladies selling trung cut

I meet many ppl on the road whom just live the same routine for their life. I don't like it but they may like it. Or may not ?

I wonder: whats the point in operate some coffee shop everyday ? Whats the point in being a salesman in a tourist spot in rural areas

And I still see ppl smiling. Smiling w/ what they choose or what they have or what they need to pick

One thing I observe everytime on the road, its unchanged. Houses keep being rusty, school keeps being old, children keeps the bright smile, ppl keeps carrying heavy stuffs on the noisy bikes, the road keeps being quiet and green

I guess its life

My friend told me her dad passed away, I don't know what to say n think 'bout those

Its life.