I've wanted to write this entry for a while but it got interrupted here and there. In the recent years, I feel much comfortable to act-like-17 and much awkward to write down what I really feel. Aging ?

My friend once told me: "Anh enjoy cuộc sống theo cách em rất thích: mạo hiểm, ngớ ngẩn nhưng trong chừng mực". That's what I've always tried to achieve in many things, either work or personal life.

But it's tired sometimes.

I seem to be haunted by 2 things,

first is a slogan from M1 (a telco in Singapore) that I still remember till now: "One live, live it"

and the second one is something a girl once told me when we were more or less dating each other few years ago: "My mom said that a girl should choose her husband for herself and for her family". The "herself" is 'bout feeling and the "family" is 'bout career, responsibility and money stuff. It's easier to follow either of those 2, however, I'd like (or always feel the pressure) to have both. It's tough

My last corporate job was a love-hate relationship. The "love" part was 'bout new kind of challenges (sales) and esp. financial incentives; the "hate" part was several other things which I rarely talk 'bout. However, it took me several quarters to think and finally decided to leave. Tough choice.

I met a few girls. We shared some sweet moments and stuffs but eventually things didn't seem to work out

The good thing is 'bout health. I play badminton regularly and swim occasionally. I always managed to get home safely after those drinking with friends (which is something I'm really grateful for. I'm healthy and my loved ones are, too. That's precious.

2013 plan

  • Being healthy

  • Wish my loved ones (e.g. má mập, ba mập, Bách mập, Nguyệt mập, Tibo mập, Tibeo mập) to be healthy

  • In love

  • Launch my (almost ready) small business

  • Work on interesting gig

  • On the road

Snapshot of 2012

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ngày rằm, ăn sáng bằng tô mì chay


Biên Hòa (5/2012)

Cần Thơ (5/2012)

Buôn Mê Thuột (5/2012)

Đà Lạt (5/2012)


bánh bèo số 4

Cần Giờ (7/2012)

Côn Đảo (8/2012)


Cần Giờ (9/2012)

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