last nite my family had a damn fun conference using skype.

bro just bought mom a phone that can be plugged into the computer and then used to easily control skype, since my mom (and i think the adults in her generation also) dun't like to interact w/ the comps so much.

bro asked dad to install the software (skype), but he, as usual, asked mom to do it Image since dad dun't like computing much more than mom hihi Image dad had one job, is to plug the phone into the comp. and then when mom called me and heard my voice, she smiled and laughed happily... noi tieng viet la` "cuoi` hi' hu?ng" Image

then i opened a conference for 4 of us, my parents in VN, bro and I, to talk. they seemed so happy Image me too Image

had some pressure these days, project goes slowly, advisor complained, and not everyone tried their best. anyway, last nite felt really relax.. and may i say, peaceful Image

now i know why i always like girls with soft and nice smile, cause it looks like my mom's. hi` Image

ma' tui cuoi` hien^` voi' de thuong nha't xo'm Image


ps: my new favourite song, ammonia avenue