that means, i could wake up at 6am Image or, actually, i didn't sleep last nite Image well, got stuck w/ struts & jsp. anyway, i found it somehow, really interesting.

got some stuffs from my dear mom yesterday. food, newspaper (bao' xua^n Image), clothes, a pair of shoe, and a short letter. started from me (or exactly the way i called my ex-ex-gf) and now my mom also puts "ma^.p" after my nickname whenever she calls me. she also created some other fun nicks for me hihi

when i ... oh man, uo'ng cafe noi' sao choi` ImageImage drink coffee ? have coffee ? hu`m.. noi' chung la sa'ng nay luc vua` an sa'ng xong, vua` di vua` cam` lon nescafe uong', cai tu dung them` cam gia'c ngoi` cafe trung nguyen voi' may' do`ng chi'  hehe. ngoi` ga'c cha^n len ghe', "tam su", tuc' la` noi' bay. doa' Image

valentine is coming, yet i dun't have any special feelings 'bout it. am I "bottle" ?

thoi, di lam cong chien cai', ta'm we' ImageImage

ps: do^' cai', ai biet' cai hinh` phia tren la` trong fin nao` Image