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co mot cau ma` do' gio` ra't tam da'c, tha` la` cha^n tieu? nha^n con` hon nguy. quan^ tu

hoi ma'c cuoi` Image

phe wa', vua` ve toi nha` nam 1 pha't ngu luon, 2-3h sa'ng moi lo` mo` di giat do^` hix

co' nguoi` moi' hoi sao ranh? wa' ma` di share nhac vay, hehe, cung chang ranh may', can ban ti'nh ra tien` host 1 nam chu`ng 20$, nhung chia doi voi 1 nguoi` roi`, moi thang dau chung 2-3SGD j do'. voi lai, hoi do' gio` tui chep' nha.c cua nguoi` ta nhieu roi` (bon nuo'c ngoai` no' keu la leecher), thi` share lai xiu' cung chang co j`. hoi do vo may cai forum thay bon no' mo ftp de share, thay cung kool, cung tu hoi ko biet sao thang` nay` ranh wa'. nhung gio` share, lau lau thay co nguoi` reply 1 pha't tks you, hoac co' ai upload nhac len trang web, nghe duoc bai` moi' hay hay, thay cung nice nice Image giong nhu do' gio` di download film moi nguoi` share, thi` minh` share lai nhung cai' minh` thich, hi`

it's ur birthday, but i just do nothing but send an ecard.. dun't know what to say, at least, i think we helped each other to feel less sad, rite..


just the title.. anyway, many gud ppl awaits u, rite Image that's also one of the reasons, i think i haven't been gud enuf, at least, for now. so.. better concentrate on my working..