just watched turn left turn right to clean up my HDD. it's a typical korean-hk-se^'n-style. two ppl stand near but dun't aware of each other. however they end up happily (for sure). and the point is,

if the two are destined for each other, then it would certainly be like that

it reminds me of hitch , in which they raised another point :

even if the two are destined for each other, if you don't try, don't find, don't dare to test ur luck, you're out

turn left turn right reminds me of a girl. it seems we crossed our path for not-so-few times, and yet turns out to be anything we may (did) think of. long time no see. but may be, back in sg someday ? take me home, country road

another favourite quote from hitch : basic principle (for lovers), nothing

a big turn awaits me.. going to graduate. currently, just try hard. and feel a lil bit emptie

ps: to tell the truth, i dun't like blogging and looking up the dictionary at the same time, but that's what i did ImageImage poor my writing