I think 'bout this story once in a while. Let's say there is this lady staying in the country side. Life is good for her until... a friend tells her that "hey, you should check out the city, it's way more fun there".

The girl didn't believe it at first (or maybe she did, just didn't care enough). Then one day, she gave in and made a trip of her life. To the city.

To her surprise, it's actually much more fun than her hometown and she had a really really great time there. Every first time is great.

Now, what ? She can't really stay in the city (at least for now), she can't enjoy her hometown the way she used to. The expectation was change, the bar was raised.

She feels miserable.

I believe we've been through this from time to time in our life. Think 'bout that time you look at the Lonely Planet, listen to all the advices from your guru friends and search frantically on the Internet just to finalize how to spend your few days trip in some foreign country. This guy said it much better than me.

People generally want more and recommend it (with good faith) to others. Then they realize, more is less.