I (mistakenly ?) learned that people all came from the deep blue sea, and they all long for it as a place to rest

I believe it

Be it the rain I like to get stuck in, be it the (Sài Gòn Đỏ :D ) beer I like to drink, be it what I export to those "cột điện" sometimes, be it those (damn) girl tears that got me... all those "water" made me feel very real, and tiny

Hence, sometimes, we just unconsciously came back to the sea.

We crossed through Hai Van pass and were on the way to nowhere, then I thought 'bout the beach and the nearest one is Lang Co. That was when we met Huy, the fellow IT guy that worked with us several days ago. He was on the way back to Hue and saw us then called me but couldn't reach.

But we met, finally. Because I stopped to take a pee (lol), or just because we were all meant to come back to the sea ?

I didn't ask for the name of that village. It's just one of those tiny fishing villages with no resorts, no tourist services but the people and the ocean.

when we first arrived, the beach were so windy and quiet until bunch of children came and played. Some were from the village

and some came from the damn-boring-adult-world :P

Huy smoke, and I didn't ask him to stop like I used to (a habit of doctor's children)

We talked 'bout so many things, Huy told us 'bout the trip in those tiny island where they camp and go fishing together, I went around to took some photo and I guess Thuy was smiling

yes, we did smile

and we came back

Sometimes, we long for the childhood. But I'm pretty sure that in some other point of time in life, we will long for the adulthood as well. So, let's call this tiny thing a ... balance ? :-)

Life is about moving on

and sometimes...

look back :)