sim: noi nghe

friend: uh chi ong?

sim: sometimes i hate u, but u r one of the few that I can just say that "i'm lonely" . (like now).

sim: noi dzi thoi sim: khoi reply

friend: tui noi la`

friend: you hate me a lot of times, so many times

friend: and please dont do so or do it less :(

friend: and just to share with you

friend: hoi nay o cai event do, xong tui ra ngoai cai ban cong^, cafe co cai ban cong^

friend: dung nhin xuong duong saigon , and was on the phone with my parents

friend: sau khi cup may'

friend: cam thay thay rat day du?

friend: nhung cung rat la lonely..

friend: noi dzi thoi , khoi reply

just a random stupid, childish conversation