It's tough to summarize stuffs happened for the whole year in just 1 entry.

There is some change (which will take place next year) in what I will do for a living: to switch from doing IT for a sales/marketing company to sales/marketing for an IT company.

If I'm to say just 1 thing 'bout my old company, it's a warm family with many memorable experiences,

then a great company.

I also managed to go here and there, meet this and that, realize and gradually believe this very thing: people are somehow kind, and if you look hard enough, you can learn even from those you don't want to talk to. So keep exploring, life is nice.

Lastly, I miss (read: not doing well) some, some family and relationship thing.

: )

PS: just found something I wrote 2 years ago, for Christmas. It's sến lợn but nice, though.

some of my friends asked me to go for a drink, I said no. they may feel a bit sad to drink tonite, so I wish them HAPPINESS

some of my friends cannot be together with their beloved ones (family, lovers). they may feel a bit lonely, so I wish them WARMTH

some of my friends who encounter troubles, they may feel a bit hopeless, so I wish them STRENGTH

some of the people out there don’t have a place to stay, so I wish the weather will not be so cold, at least for tonite

some of the people out there just wish to live for a few more days/months/years, I wish them HOPE

and for me, I wish me a SMILE, a fucking big SMILE

merry christmas my friends.