What do people live for ? - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKXwwEH_ahc

I watched this so-called "lừa tình" clip (highly recommended) where some really old guys (U80) decided to let go of their daily worries (e.g. terminal illness) and take a trip across the country on their bike. They had all the fun together like what they used to, in the old days.

Very touching and I would say it again, highly recommended : )

And this is their answer to that damn cryptic question ("what do people live for ?" - which was shown at the opening of the clip) : Dream.

The clip is the commercials for some bank, so the message is quite straightforward : banks help normal people to realize their dream (in the ideal situation though)

My take for that question (after watching that clip) : Joy

Yes, people live for joy.

Money brings joy. Love brings joy. Power brings joys. And for some people (e.g monks), damn it, they can somehow create joy.

And this is my favorite definition of joy : on the road, with friends

to Ba Na

to Lang Co

to Phu Yen

so fell in love with the clip, and thinking 'bout the next on the road already : )