Gonna cancel my PR in a few hours (otherwise it gonna be canceled anyway due to long absence from Sing), and think that I need to say a little bit thanks to this place

There is this saying : "the place you went to college is your 2nd-home". It seems true for me. I went here and there and besides my noisy-lovely hometown, Singapore is the other place that gave me some sense of belonging

It's there when I wander around my college, when I pass by some hawker-center, when I had minced-meat noodle (this morning I had 2 though), when I heard some Hokkien, when the beer was served not by hottie but auntie, when I go to 7/11 to grab a Baron or free Today, when I was on MRT or "tap" the card on the bus and heard the "tic", when I wander around and look at the "green", or when I sit at some Starbuck and enjoy their Green tea Frappuccino.

It's also where I got to meet some incredibly nice and also not-so-nice people (one that can make me left any wedding-party where I saw her - so powerful :D).

Put thing simple, this place made me. And after so many + - * /, the final result in me is still a positive one. I'm glad


PR canceled. I feel a bit moody but no less attached to this place : )