sometimes, I do  need to write what I really think

  • I somehow think that women are really good of multi-tasking, based on some of the recent stuffs. Or just because "like draws to like" ?

  • Why bother to tell me that "I miss the time when I could do things with passion" ? Frankly, it's your life. Either you do all the things you want and feel no regret, or just do nothing at all and shut your mouth like what people usually do. Both are good. The point is you need to make your choice, I'm tired of listening to this

  • I seriously need to do the same stuffs but in a different environment, e.g. coffee shop. I'm fed up with aircon and office building. I can still be a corporate guy, but at least, spare me the "corporate" building

  • Sitting at Cot Dien always made me wonder if I miss something along the way

  • Riding against the wind made my day, as always

  • It's fun to somehow index what you've been through

  • Don't dare me to do sh*t like "don't talk to each other" or "friends will not do this", I will just do it

  • Health is f-cking precious. This is f-cking easy to know and also f-cking easy to forget : )