This is a nice article and it perfectly explains what I've been doing so far in my life. Quote

My teacher (I believe his name was "Mr. May") shared a brief anecdote from the prior evening. He was driving home in the rain, and noticed two people on bicycles along the side of the road. He stopped to ask if they needed any help, and ended up driving them back to his house, where they dried off and had dinner with him and his wife. During dinner, the couple shared the stories from their ongoing bike ride across the country.

It's not a very dramatic story, but I loved the serendipitous nature of it, both on the part of the couple having adventures biking across the country, and my teacher who saw people along the road and invited them into his home. None of it was planned -- they simply allowed it to happen. It was inspirational to me because it felt like the right way to live, the fun way to live. I don't think that's how most people operate though.

Think 'bout it, I somehow managed to achieve it, so far

Have fun, in both my personal life as well as my professional stuffs

Try the new thing

Jump out of the comfort zone (latest thing: switch from IT to sales and so far still enjoy it)

This is what I've always believed : Reserve some certainty for your life and enjoy the rest. Uncertainties are fun, too.